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Info about getting married in Tuscany and Catholic wedding ceremonies

Catholic Ceremonies in Tuscany are officiated by an Italian Priest and only in a Catholic Church; they can be performed in Italian, (in this case we provide an official Interpreter), or they can be performed in English by an English speaking Priest.

Some religious paperwork, translated in Italian, is required for your Catholic wedding in Tuscany. Remember that the documents expire after 6 months, so they should be completed in the 6 months before the wedding date and not before. It would be better if the paperwork were sent 2 months before the wedding day.
Catholic Ceremonies in Tuscany can be either a "Catholic blessing" without civil validity or a civilly binding Catholic destination wedding which includes the civil paperwork to make the ceremony legal.
Please, pay attention: if one of the spouses was previously married in a Catholic ceremony and this has not been officially canceled by the Catholic Authorities, the marriage cannot be celebrated.

It is important to remember that it is necessary to make a donation to the Church.
As it is a Catholic Church, we suggest that you pay attention to your wedding gown, the Bride and her female guests should not bare their shoulders. A shawl or large scarf can be used if the dress is withour sleeves.
Flowers are often required to decorate the Church.
In many Churches it is possible to play music, preferably religious songs or classical music.
For a Catholic Wedding in Tuscany, two witnesses are required.
The Catholic Ceremony in Tuscany lasts approximately 50-60 minutes and includes a complete mass service.

We invite you to discover with us the most charming Churches in Tuscany where you can celebrate your Catholic Wedding Ceremony by taking a look at our list.