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Civil wedding in Certaldo
About Certaldo Certaldo is a unchanged medieval walled village with old origin, it was founded by the Etruscan and Roman. This town is divided into an upper part called "Certaldo Alto", surrounded by fortification walls and a lower and more modern part, "Certaldo Basso". Certaldo is also well-known because in the 13th century it gave birth to one of the most important European poets, Boccaccio, the author of the celebrated Decameron. Certaldo and its magnificent treasures await you and your destination wedding in Tuscany
Something to know The town hosts several festivals every year. The largest and most famous is Mercantia, a week-long party in Certaldo Alto. It involves numerous street performers from all over Italy, Europe and even the Americas.
The City Hall Civil weddings in Certaldo are celebrated in the beautiful Palazzo Pretorio,The City hall, a perfect venue for open-air weddings in Tuscany because the ceremony can take place in its outdoor courtyard. This Palace is a 13th century charming building located on the top of a hill, inside the enchanted medieval walls. It is in the highest building in town and offers a nice panoramic view over Certaldo and its countryside a stunning setting for your Destination Wedding in Tuscany. The facade, the entrance-hall and the courtyard of the Pretorio Palace have the signs of all the Vicars and decorations by Della Robbia.
Type of ceremony Civil ceremonies performed in Italian with a translator
How many It can accommodate up to 70 people standing and in the event of rain there is also a charming indoor room which can be used
When You can choose to celebrate the wedding
in the morning 10.30 am to 12.30
or in the afternoon 3.30 pm to 6
Closed on Sundays
Price Rent of the Hall + taxes + table + 2 chairs for you and 2 chairs for your wedding witnesses: € 420,00.
As it became a museum a year ago they choose not to put out other chairs. There are only 2 benches for a total of 12 people, but the others have to stand up.
It is possible to put a red carpet, flowers and play music
It is not possible to throw rice in the City Hall, but only outside (anyway they suggest you use petals or soap bubbles)
Nearest Airport Florence: 30 km - Pisa: 54 km

Info, times and prices updated up to March 2012

Certaldo Civil WeddingCertaldo Civil WeddingCertaldo Civil WeddingCertaldo Civil WeddingCertaldo Civil WeddingCertaldo Civil Wedding