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Catholic Wedding near Florence
About the Church This is a charming and intimate Church outside Florence, it is situated at the top of a hill dominating the surrounding valley with the typical Tuscan view. A church of medieval origin which over time has been changed without altering, however, its architectural beauty.
Type of ceremony Catholic, but it is neccessary a prior approval of priest
How many It is a perfect Catholic Church for weddings with small - medium groups.
Price Donation
It is possible to decorate with flowers (flowers will remain in the Church as donation)
to play sacred music
It is not possible to spread confetti or rice.
Our location in the area A dramatic and luxury Villa which offers accommodation, reception with a restaurant well known for its highest culinary tradition and relax for you and your guests.
A Farm that dominate the valley of the Arno and offers guests a scenery of rare beauty. A perfect location for a stay and a wedding reception surrounded by nature and familiarity.

Info, times and prices updated up to March 2012