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Info about getting married in Tuscany and Civil wedding ceremonies

Civil ceremonies in Tuscany are officiated by an Italian authority, the Mayor in person or the Civil Registrar; they are performed in Italian but we provide an official Interpreter.

Civil Ceremonies in Tuscany are legally recognized in your country because the marriage document is registered internationally.
Some paperwork, translated in Italian, is required for a Civil wedding in Tuscany. Remember that the documents expire after 6 months, so they should be completed in the 6 months before the wedding date and not before. We will help and assist you in the preparation of all the documents required and will offer our assistance every step of the way.
There are no residency requirements to marry in Tuscany. However, depending on the nationality of the spouses, there are different procedures to be followed in order to formalize the marriage and make it legally binding.
It is important to know that each City Hall has its own rules and iter. Some of them require you to sign a sworn statement 2 days before the cerermony. Please consider this when you choose the perfect City Hall for your Wedding in Tuscany.

By law, the Civil ceremony, must take place in buildings approved by the Italian government, so they are usually held in the City Hall that can be a Palace, a Castle or a Villa. However, ijn addition to the City Hall for the Civil Ceremony, many of them provide some old and valuable rooms in historic buildings of the city or in sumptuous Villas just a few kilometers away. In this way, whatever you choose, the ceremony takes place in a very suggestive and exciting setting.
Outdoor Civil Ceremonies are possible only in certain places that have been approved by the Italian government.

The Civil Ceremony in Tuscany consists of reading the articles: 143, 144 and 147 of the Civil Code plus the traditional marriage vows.
Two witnesses, above the age of 18, are required.
The Civil Wedding Ceremony in Tuscany lasts approximately 20-30 minutes.

We invite you to discover together with us the most charming Wedding Halls of Tuscany where you can celebrate your Civil Wedding Ceremony by taking a look at our list.