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Civil wedding in Fiesole
About Fiesole Fiesole is a town which lies in the hills in the north of Florence. From its scenic roads you can admire one of the most beautiful views of the "Cradle of the Renaissance", Florence.
Today, Fiesole, thanks to the numerous ruins belonging to the Etruscans and the Romans and the palaces and churches built during the Middle Ages, has a rich historical and cultural heritage. The center is the characteristic Piazza Mino da Fiesole, which overlooks the Cathedral of San Romolo. From here you can follow the street that leads to the archaeological site. For the best view of Florence, there is another road that leads to the Church and the Convent of St. Francesco and a fantastic panoramic terrace. The beauty of Fiesole provides one of the most magnificent frame for your Italian wedding in Tuscany
Something to know Fiesole also has a famous Florentine festival, called "Estate Fiesolana" which animates summer evenings by hosting concerts and theater shows in his impressive Roman amphitheater. In Fiesole, a beautifully restored 17th century villa that was the setting for "Room with a View" and "Tea with Mussolini", is one of our location!
The City Hall Civil ceremonies for Weddings in Fiesole are performed in the restored building "Casa Marchini Carrozza" close the Roman Theater. Fiesole is sure to be a good choice for couples who want to celebrate an intimate destination wedding in Tuscany
Type of ceremony Civil ceremonies performed in Italian with a translator
How many
When From Monday to Friday: only in the morning
Tuesday and Thursday: in the afternoon The 3rd Saturday of the month: in the morning
Price Rent of the City Hall € 200,00
It is possible To have free parking for the couple's car
free entrance for a maximum of 15 people to the Archeologic Area to take photos
to play music
It is not possible
Nearest Airport Florence: 7,5 km

Info, times and prices updated up to March 2012