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Catholic Wedding in Florence
About the Church This is one of the oldest Church in Florence. It is situated in the Oltrarno Area, just few steps from the Old Bridge. It dates back to the 11th century but was built on the foundations of a pre-existing 4th century basilica. It' s a church with a nave and 3 small chapels on each side. This Church "hosts" in its facade, the Vasari Corridor. A private tunnel used in the past by the Medici family which connects Palazzo Pitti to Palazzo Vecchio.
Type of ceremony Catholic, but it is neccessary a prior approval of priest
How many It is a perfect Catholic Church for weddings with medium - large groups.
Price Donation
It is possible to decorate with flowers (flowers will remain in the Church as donation)
to play sacred music
It is not possible to decorate with candles
Our location in the area A beautiful restaurant located just few steps above the Church, with a breathtaking view of Florence. The perfect location for your reception with dishes from Tuscany's typical cuisine revisited in a modern key
Florence offers a wide choice of accommodation from luxury Villas to ancient Palaces to classic or modern Hotels.

Info, times and prices updated up to March 2012