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Civil wedding in Poppi
About Poppi Poppi is situated in the Casentino valley between Florence and Arezzo. It is actually two towns in one : Poppi Alto, set atop a small hill, and Poppi Basso, at the base of the valley below. Poppi Alto is a medieval village, a unique walled town, with the "Castello de' Conti Guidi" at its highest point which offers a beautiful view of the valley all around. It is considered one of the most well-preserved and important castles in the Casentino valley and Tuscany, being an example of Tuscan feudal architecture. In fact, it is clearly visible from many parts of the valley with its high tower. It is a small village, but traditionally Tuscan in every part of the town, the perfect backdrop for you Destination Wedding in Tuscany!
Something to know Dante Alighieri stayed in the Castle of Poppi in 1311 and the tradition has it that the great poet composed the XXXIII "Canto dell'Inferno" in Poppi. The historic Battle of Campaldino between the Guelphs (Florence) and the Ghibellines (Arezzo) took place in the area around Poppi on 11th June 1289.
The City Hall Civil ceremonies of Weddings in Poppi are performed in the historic "Castello de' Conti Guidi". Inside the Palace a peculiar staircase will lead you to the Wedding Hall. History and culture will be the backdrop to your destination wedding in Tuscany.
Type of ceremony Civil ceremonies performed in Italian with a translator
How many
When From Monday to Friday 9 am - 1 pm
Price Rent of the City Hall € 500,00
It is possible
It is not possible
Nearest Airport Florence: 90 km - Pisa: 62 km

Info, times and prices updated up to March 2012

Poppi Civil WeddingPoppi Civil WeddingPoppi Civil Wedding