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Civil wedding in Siena
About Siena Siena is Tuscany's loveliest medieval city and it offers you the opportunity to celebrate your destination wedding in Tuscany in the most beautiful and unique scenery. Siena, located on three rolling hills in central Tuscany, is full of Gothic monuments like the Cathedral "Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta", the Palazzo Pubblico and the magnificent "Piazza del Campo". A wedding in Siena will mean discovering its precious medieval atmosphere, but alsoits magnificence and glory. The magic of this city is perceived simply by walking through the old town and relishing the traditions, such as the famous Palio, the horse race in the Piazza del Campo, a spectacle of Italian folklore known and appreciated around the world. Siena's medieval city centre with its medieval atmosphere is a superb frame for your dream destination wedding in Tuscany.
Something to know The Palio has ancient origins with some rules still holding since 1644. The territory of the City is divided into seventeen Contrade with the boundaries established in 1729. Each Contrada is like a little state, governed by a Prior and guided in the "ride" by a Captain. Each district has its own church, community center and museum, in addition to the banner with heraldic animal, from which nearly all are named and which is reproduced on a variety of plaques in the city fountains next to their church or head of the Contrada.
The City Hall The Palazzo Pubblico, the City Hall for your destination wedding in Siena, is considered one of the best examples of Gothic architecture. The exterior of the building follows the curve of the Piazza del Campo, and is in perfect harmony with the surrounding buildings. The facades are characterized by the duality and contrast of the colors white and red. Civil weddings in Siena are held in the Wedding Hall "Sala del Concistoro", that is also a part of the Museo Civico, the museum which houses Simone Martini's famous frescoes and some of the greatest Sienese paintings. The Wedding Hall hosts ceiling frescoes of allegories on the virtues of Siena's medieval government by Domenico Boccafumi. A stunning setting for your Destination Wedding in Tuscany!
Type of ceremony Civil ceremonies performed in Italian with a translator - The City Hall of Siena is reserved for 1 hour for your wedding ceremony.
How many 80 people seated
100 people standing
When From Monday to Sunday 10 am - 12 am, 4 pm - 6 pm
Price From Monday to Friday: € 700,00
Saturday and Sunday: € 800,00
It is possible to play music, to arrange flowers
It is not possible
Nearest Airport Florence: 55 km - Pisa: 115 km

Info, times and prices updated up to March 2012

Siena Civil WeddingSiena Civil WeddingSiena Civil WeddingSiena Civil WeddingSiena Civil Wedding